From the creators of Cold Waters, comes their latest entry War on the Sea. It’s a strategic-tactical naval wargame, not only focusing on the tactical side but also has an overarching strategic dynamic campaign on the Solomon Islands where you take command of the Allies or Imperial Japan to achieve your strategic goals in the Battle of Guadalcanal.

You are not only restricted to commanding warships exclusively but also submarines and merchant convoys as well as land and carrier based aircraft. One can expect a very similar fleet command gameplay to their processor Pacific Fleet and Atlantic Fleet. However, it does make me wonder how similar will the submarine mechanics be when compared to their highly acclaimed Cold Waters though.

It’s been a long while since we had a decent naval wargame, however there are several great ones that are still in their development phase like Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. There isn’t a fixed release date yet but if it’s in February then it’s already sooner than I expected. Looking forward to it!

You can watch the trailer below:


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